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Lab Sprint Pricing


If your sprint requires less than 4 weeks of work, sprints are billed at $8,000 per engineering pair, per week. The weekly sprint rate is discounted to $6,000 per engineering pair, per week, if you book 4 or more weeks. The average project uses one pair of engineers for each weekly sprint. If you have a complicated project or a tight deadline, it is possible to employ multiple engineering pairs per sprint. Agile development sprints are billed on the Thursday before the start of the sprint.

(See also: What if I need a quote to get my project budget approved?)

Planning Day

Although our normal development process includes ongoing Agile planning, if you'd like a great up-front plan and estimate, one of our startup experts will spend a day breaking your system requirements down into feature tickets that are suitable for developers to begin coding your application. We'll use our technical and product experience to help guide you towards a great minimum viable product (or to the next milestone on your project's roadmap) so that you get the most value for your startup dollar.

You'll walk away with a full list of tickets for the engineering team to implement, and a detailed estimate for how long your project will take. The planning process for most projects will take one day of work, but complex projects can take an additional day or two. The fee is $1k/day for planning.


Our operations team works with our engineers or your team to avoid unplanned outages, and to respond to them. We create a runbook with information for responding to issues and architecture information on your setup, and use monthly hours for responding to any incidents. We also work with you to monitor your systems for uptime, as well as resource usage and application usage. This lets us prevent outages like Foursquare had -- we love you, 4sq ;) -- and help plan for when you'll need new hardware to keep up with your growth.

Runbook development

$10k one-time fee; required for operations support; free for Cornerspace Labs clients; includes:

  • ops review
  • deployment
  • tech stack review
  • server config review and diagramming
  • general error checking

Business-hour response (9-5 Eastern Time Zone)


  • 10 hours/month of ops time
  • monitoring for up to 10 servers
  • capacity planning and review (does not count towards 10-hour limit)
  • monthly runbook update with your team (est 5 hours, does not count towards 10-hour limit)
  • additional hours are $125/hour

24-hour response


  • 20 hours/month of ops time
  • monitoring for up to 20 servers
  • capacity planning and review (does not count toward 20-hour limit)
  • monthly runbook update with your team (est 5 hours, does not count towards 20-hour limit)
  • additional hours are $125/hour

Urgent Work

Work done after-hours (outside 9 AM - 5:30 PM EST/EDT) or during a non-sprint week -- is $500/hour per engineering pair or $250 an hour for a single engineer. Yes, the rate is high. We try to avoid pulling our engineers off other projects or making them work at night, which is why it is designed this way. But we know that isn't always realistic, so we do provide pricing to handle it if the situation comes up. (Note: This obviously doesn't apply to maintenance contract work scheduled a week or more in advance.)

Payment Methods

For most projects we accept payment via a credit card that is kept on file. This allows us to do billing and payment just prior to the start of each work cycle. If you have a special circumstance that will not allow payment by credit card, let us know and we can likely work something out.