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How We Work

All SaaS project are not equal and have different requirements. We move on the following general process.

1) Consultation
We will discuss your project requirements with you and we might raise additional ideas for the project that you may not have considered yet. After agreeing what features you want, we will create a proposal document showing our proposed solution along with an quotation of the costs involved and expected project duration.

2) Agreement
Once both parties are happy with the proposal and costs we will draw up an agreement of services (this will protect both sides) and start the project.

3) Plan the work
We will produce an appropriate technical foundation document (core functionality spec, wire frames, site map, etc) and a project plan with "Stints" set out and agreed upon.

4) Work the plan
As it’s a web based solution we will create 3 different product "visual" styles for your SaaS Application. You pick which style you think is best and we make any required tweaks. Meanwhile, the project team will have been implementing the technical features as outlined in the technical foundation document created in the previous phase. We work in
iterations "stints" to show progress at regular intervals for your feedback.

5) Test
The solution is tested both for functional and non-functional requirements (performance testing). Once we believe that the SaaS deliverable is ready for you to test and approve we give you access to a secure test deployment. During this test phase you can raise issues using our transparent web based issue tracking tool.

6) Release
Once live test stages are completed and approved, project will be deployed "Live" for public launch.

7) Support
In the unlikely event that you find any coding errors once live we will fix them free of charge. Should you require any further enhancements once the site is live, however big or small, adjustments or ad-dons can be made in the background.