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Software Development For Startups

At Cornerspace Labs we take your IP from White Board to Reality.Call us your Launch Lab.

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Cornerspace Labs specializes in developing robust, high-speed, SaaS applications that are customized to the specific needs of our clients and their customers. Whether the SaaS solution is for use exclusively within the organization's internal network or a ‘fee for service’ application available to anyone with internet access, Cornerspace can deliver the right solution. The benefits of SaaS can be tremendous from a financial and management perspective as well as from the point of view of an end user.

Financial and Management Benefits for the SaaS Provider

  • Excellent service platform for ‘pay as you use’ or subscription-based services
  • Ideal for medium to large organizations requiring customized internal applications
  • Lower cost of development due to standardized deployment environments
  • Reduced cost to maintain as the application is centrally hosted
  • New and improved functionality is easier to release
  • Testing applications is more controlled and generally faster
  • Central service updating improves maintainability and application integrity
  • Client upgrades and patches are not required

End User Benefits

  • Generally lower cost of access (‘pay as you go’ or subscriptions)
  • Widely accessible. Not limited to an installed instance of the application
  • No maintenance, updates or patches for the user to manage
  • New features and faster releases due to lower development / deployment costs